Make Your Cricket Count with Vtrakit

Ultimate Cricket tracking and scoring app for all cricketers. Track and improve your game with the Vtrakit app right from your smartphone or tablet. Bring your game to the next level with Vtrakit!

Vtrakit is about helping Cricketers bring together their passion, practice and performance.

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About Vtrakit

An app built by cricket-lovers for cricket-lovers with the vision of enabling cricketers from all levels to enhance their game.

Vtrakit’s mobile-based app is designed to be user friendly so that anyone can start using it to score games, capture cricketing stats and practice sessions. You could be playing village Cricket, gully Cricket, club Cricket or professional Cricket - you can use Vtrakit to improve your performance, elevate your game and experience Cricket in a whole new way.


Capture and track to make YOUR Cricket count

Vtrakit App is full of unique features that you can explore to transform your cricketing experience. In addition to scoring games and keeping track of your Cricket stats, you can also connect to other players, capture your practice sessions and create tournaments. Watch the video to get a sneak preview of the Vtrakit App.

App Features

Why Vtrakit?

Score Games - On/Offline

Live capture ball-by-ball score of your match with the Vtrakit App & download your scorecard in PDF


Organize tournaments, schedule matches, see tournament stats, points table and much more

Transfer Scoring

Scoring no longer has to fall to one person, transfer scoring to another user during a match within seconds

Pitch Map and Wagon Wheel

Relive your shots and deliveries with Pitch Map and Wagon Wheel

Capture your Practice hours

Track all your practice hours (batting, bowling, fielding and wicket keeping) by capturing it

Capture your Fitness hours

You can log your fitness hours and see your progress in real-time.


Our users love us!

Krishanth Shanthikumar


One of the best apps for cricket scoring. Recent updates make the app more valuable specially the offline scoring feature. Really loving the User experience and overall performance so far. Good luck to the team for future releases.

Vijay Jeyanthan


Great scoring app. Like the community section where I can follow my favourite local cricketers. League organisers would love the tournament section.

Rohith Fernandes


Simply simple, yet brilliant!! Came across this app by chance and am totally amazed at the features on it. Great job you guys! Keep rocking.. PS: The scoring system in the app is my fav! Damn cool stuff!

Don Thomas


A Masterpiece. This app is exceptionally good. If you love cricket, you'll definitely love this app. I have been waiting for a proper cricket scoring app for many years. and this fulfilled my wishes in every way possible.

Shivangi Gupta

Cricket Lover

This is a one stop destination for any cricket lover out there, it's got an easy to use UI, amazing features and overall an enhanced cricketing experience. My personal favorite is how it allows you to capture your practice sessions and witness your growth, pushing you to do better everyday!

Sajad Sakeer


Really GREAT Cricket scoring app ever seen, It is fascinating to do scoring using this app...ability to download scorecard in pdf format for every match is mindblowing. Kudos to the entire team.


Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do using the Vtrakit App?

You can use Vtrakit app to track your Cricket scores in Matches, Tournaments and Net Practices so you can build a profile as a cricketer with Statistics and Dashboards to analyze your game. You can also build a Community and much more. You can do this at all levels of the game from recreational up to professional Cricket.
You can do all the scoring or you can transfer scoring mid-game to save your device battery or take a break! You will not miss the score-book as you can print PDFs of your completed games too. An app built by cricket-lovers for cricket-lovers with the vision of allowing cricketers from all levels to enhance their game.
First step - log into the App and set up your profile.

How can I score a Match?

You can quickly start scoring a match by using the Quick Start feature (from bottom right menu) or use Matches option from the top left Menu. In here you can create a new match using the + button and either Schedule a match in advance or select Play Now. If you use the Quick Start/ Play Now options, then you can add the following details of your match:
Teams and players in each Squad Number of overs Type of ball used for the match (Tennis ball/ Cricket ball) Location & details of whether it’s a Home/Away/Neutral ground Toss details and whether the team who won the toss chooses to Bat/ Bowl
Once you input the Match details, you will be taken to the Scoring page where you can start scoring the Match.

How can I create Teams?

You can create teams by choosing the Teams option from the top left Menu. In here select create a new team using the + button.
Then you can enter your Team name, add your Team logo, Home ground name and Locality details and your team will be created. Once your team has been created, you can add Players to your team from existing user profiles that individual players have set up on the App.

How can I create a Tournament?

You can create tournaments by choosing the Tournaments option from the top left Menu. In here select create a new tournament using the + button.
Then you can enter the Tournament name, Tournament logo, Location of the tournament and start and end dates of the tournament. Once the tournament has been set up, you can start adding existing teams into the Tournament to create a list of teams. From the list of Teams within the Tournament, you can organize the Matches and Groups that make up your Tournament.

How can I capture my Practice Session?

You can quickly start capturing your nets session by using the Log Practice feature (from bottom right menu) or use Practice Session option from the top left Menu.
In the Log Practice option, you can directly start capturing your practice session using the Play button. In the Practice Session option, press the + button at bottom right to start the capture.
You need to long-press the Play button to start timing your practice session. The practice session cannot be less than 10 minutes and once you complete your net session, you can long-press the button to stop the timer. You can also select how long you’ve spent on batting/ bowling/ fielding/ wicket keeping within each session and save the session.

What can I do in the Community section of the App?

In the Community feature you can search and find your teammates and friends. You can send Friend requests or you can Follow an individual. You can Chat with your Friends about the last match you’ve played, to organize and schedule a match or anything related to cricket.

What is an Assigned or Unassigned Match?

Within the Match option in the top left Menu, games have been classified into Assigned and Unassigned Matches.
Assigned matches will show the list of matches (Ongoing, Upcoming & Completed matches) you’ve played by using the already created/ existing teams. This means all your players and teams have been fully set up and so the match statistics will reach each Player’s profile.
Unassigned matches will show the list of matches you’ve played using unregistered players and teams. This means your players and teams have not been fully set up and so the match statistics will NOT reach each Player’s profile.
You can convert an Unassigned Match and/ or Players to Assigned by mapping the Team and each Player to a registered or fully set-up Team/ Profile. This can be done at any time before, during or after the Match.

What is Transfer Scoring?

When you’re scoring a game and you find your phone battery running low or you need to pad-up, then the Vtrakit App allows you to transfer the scoring of the game to another user or device. In the top-left of the Scoring page, the Share button allows you to transfer scoring to the intended user.
As the sender of the scoring, you press the Share button and see a QR code pop-up. As the receiver of the Scoring, you press the Pick-up Scoring option in the bottom-right Menu in the Main Dashboard page of App, and the Camera opens up. Scan the QR code from the sender and you are ready to start scoring. You will be automatically taken to the Scoring page of the Match, so you are ready to score.